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The Willow Hall Romance series was born when what was supposed to be a short weekly writing exercise evolved into a continuing story.

This book, At All Costs, is the fourth book in the series, and it, like the other Willow Hall books, features characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, as well as some of my own creation.  For your convenience, I will include a cast of characters following this author’s note.

Every Willow Hall Romance book focuses, in some way, on the common theme of unexpected love.  Along the way, characters will have to overcome evil from without and strife from within. They will need to re-evaluate their beliefs and face fears.  They may change and grow in order to secure love or as a result of love. But no matter the challenges, each book will end with at least one couple being happily attached.

Book One, And Then Love, focused on Philip and Lucy Dobney’s unconventional path to marriage.

Book Two, The Tenant’s Guest, focused on Darcy and Elizabeth’s second chance at love.

Book Three, So Very Unexpected, focused on Lydia Bennet’s unique path to love.

Book Four, At All Costs, focuses on Bingley’s quest to secure his happily ever after with Jane, and in the process, Mary Ellen Dobney will finally get her heart’s desire as well.

This book is the last “official” book in the Willow Hall Romance Series.  However, it is not the last Willow Hall Romance book.  At this time, there is one sequel to this series that will tell you about how Caroline Bingley fared after she exited Derbyshire.

Will this sequel be the last we see of the characters from Willow Hall?  Maybe, but I will not guarantee that this is my last trip to Willow Hall because these characters have found a special place in my heart as I hope they will find a place in yours, too.



At All Costs Copyright © 2016 by Leenie Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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