About The Book

When Jane Bennet travels to Derbyshire, she hopes a change of scenery will help mend her broken heart. However, her new surroundings do not offer the peace and comfort she seeks, for just days after she arrives, so does the very man she is attempting to forget.

When Charles Bingley travels to Derbyshire, he is determined to win back the heart of the lady he loves. It is a task that proves more difficult than expected.  However, having compromised what was of greatest value once, he will not do so again, and both friend and foe discover that behind Bingley’s pleasant facade lies surprising hidden depths.

At All Costs is the fourth book in Leenie Brown’s Willow Hall Romance Series of Pride and Prejudice Variations.  If you like Austen-inspired romance with a touch of mystery and characters who will delight and surprise you, then you will love this story of reclaiming and protecting love.

So, pour a cup of tea, grab your copy of At All Costs, and escape into a world of sweet romance laced with intrigue today.

The Willow Hall Romance Series is enjoyed best when read in order.